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About Us

Since 1998, Carolina Country Homes has served as the leading modular home dealer in South Carolina. We’re based in Lancaster, SC, and we continue to design and install high-quality modular homes throughout South Carolina and the Metrolina region of North Carolina.

Carolina Country Homes provides modular homes that are built by top manufacturers in the industry. Each manufacturer has numerous floor plans and provides custom options that allow you to make your home unique. We also can provide exterior add-ons such as porches, decks, garages and dormers to further personalize your home.

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What Is a Modular Home?

Modular homes are prefabricated buildings assembled on-site from modules and parts manufactured off-site in a factory. These modules are transported to your property and crane set on a crawl space foundation. All modular homes are built to the same building code as on-site construction and can meet all municipality and HOA requirements. Once the modules are assembled on site we are able to build/install any additional custom interior and exterior features.

Why Modular?

Over the past decade, modular construction has become an accepted norm in many residential applications, particularly multi-family (apartments & condos) and single family homes in more rural settings. The reasons are obvious:

Better Quality. It’s much easier to maintain consistency in a factory (materials, dry conditions, and processes) and more structural strength is required due to the crane set.

Speed & Price. It’s more efficient to build in the factory.

Availability. It’s become very hard to find good/affordable builders in many local markets whom you can trust to build the home you want on-time and on budget.

Choice. Most local on-site builders only offer a limited number of floorplans and elevation options. Those that offer customization tend to be much more expensive.

Do You Offer Financing Options?

Yes, we offer flexible financing options. If you need help financing your project, our team can connect you with lenders and help you understand all of your options.

We will work with most lenders but it works best for you and for us if you use one our core group of preferred lenders that can provide FHA, USDA, VA, Construction or Conventional financing. 

For larger jobs with land purchases, garages, loft build outs or raised foundations we would help you get a construction loan to fund the construction phase of the project but for simpler jobs please ask us about our free in-house builder financing program.

Unlike typical loans, certain types of construction loan give you the benefit of a single upfront close which locks in your monthly payment before construction begins.

Either way, if you already own your land free and clear you will likely not have to put down any upfront deposit.

Typically lenders will give you a “soft” approval in a few days and will require a credit score of +600-620.

Do You Offer Customized Floor Plans?

Each manufacturer has many floor plans to choose from. Because we sell homes built by multiple manufacturers, Carolina Country Homes has the widest selection to choose from. While some manufacturers do limit the possible changes to their floorplans others allow us to extensively modify their original floorplan even adding extra rooms. In-field we offer options to personalize the look and functionality of your home with exterior features such as porches, decks, garages, as well as interior features such as custom flooring, countertops, etc.

What is our Warranty?

Carolina Country Homes warrants workmanship (labor & parts) on all components of the project for a period of one year and provides a 3rd party 10 year warranty on all structural components. In addition, the manufacturers of the appliances, floor coverings and shingles provide additional warranties.

Our Process

For over 20 years, we’ve created an affordable and valuable home building experience for clients throughout the Carolinas. From hassle-free financing and customized designing on all of our featured homes, our time-tested process has proven successful, and our team will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Requirements to Start

Before we begin building your new custom home, here’s how we’ll help you prepare:

Identify & Secure Your Property

  • We will arrange a property evaluation, which will allow us to understand what else is needed to prepare your site for the construction.
  • Clients must provide us with a recorded plat of their land, including identified setbacks.
  • We secure the building permits to begin the construction process.
  • We can also help you secure permits for your water, sewer, or power system.

Identify Your Lender & Starting the Process

  • If you need help financing your project, our team can connect you with lenders.
  • We’ll help you understand your lending options based around what you can afford.
  • If your project requires an FHA, USDA, VA, or construction loan, our team can assist you.

Defining the Project

Once we’ve helped you meet all the requirements to start, we’ll begin planning and customizing your project. Our experienced sales team will help you pick a floor plan, which we can modify to include custom features, additional floor space, and more.

We’ll then develop a budget that includes site costs identified in the property evaluation. Our team will review your budget & turn it into a preliminary contract, which we’ll submit to your lender for appraisal and underwriting. Our team can also help you find an attorney who will handle the title, mortgage, & final closing.

Starting the Construction Phase

Before construction begins, the customer, sales person, and construction site superintendent will meet to ensure the project details are correct.

We can order the house and begin the construction once your lender has informed us that the funding requirements have been met and the clear property title has been verified by your attorney.

Carolina Country Homes may conduct an additional property evaluation to confirm any additional work was done by customers or if further subcontracting work is required. We will also:

  • Assist with securing approval for the sewage/septic system by DHEC
  • Assist with establishing water & power solutions for the property
  • Finalize the house floor plan & other features of the project with the customer
  • Customer will sign off on a final contract, the manufacturers’ floor plan, customer verification documents, & order the house

Construction Phase

Throughout construction, there are a number of steps we’ll take to make sure your project is completed on time. Your site superintendent will provide a weekly update of progress until you’ve received a Certificate of Occupancy.

Finalizing the Design

The manufacturer will provide the engineered plans (typically within three to five weeks).
Carolina Country Homes will obtain engineer plans for special design or to accommodate the building area (mountain, coastal, raised, basements, etc.).

Constructing Your Home

Carolina Country Homes will submit for and obtain your county or city building permits. Once the house is received, we will set it on the foundation and connect it to the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. We’ll also begin adding any modifications and custom features, such as flooring, porches, and garages.

Getting Started

Building a home is an exciting time in a person’s life, but it also comes with its tasks and challenges. Here are your questions answered and what you can expect when you build a home with Carolina Country Homes.

How Do You Install Your Homes?

All of our homes are crane set on a crawl space foundation. We only use licensed plumbers, electricians, HVAC mechanics, and tradesmen on our projects.

What Types of Land Can You Build On?

We build and customize our featured homes on all types of land. Many of our clients live in flat areas, hilly areas, and near bodies of water. Unlike other home building contractors, we can help no matter what type of land you’re building on.

Who Manufactures Your Modular Houses?

Our featured homes are made by Champion, R-Anell, Nationwide and Schult. Each manufacturer has numerous floor plans and provides custom features. We also can provide exterior add-ons such as porches, decks, garages and dormers to further personalize your home.

Areas We Serve

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