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1,493 SF ❘ 3 Bedrooms ❘ 2 Bathrooms

By Champion

The Westberry is the most popular home on our lot! This affordable 1,400+ square foot home features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and plenty of space for additional features. This open floor plan can be stretched for extra space if needed, and our team is happy to assist you through every stage of our home building process.

Starting at: $165,000

(This price includes the home with basic finishes, permits, standard footers & 36″ foundation, delivery & set, landings & steps, electrical & plumbing connections and HVAC system. Site work and utilities are additional and will vary based on your property and county. Pictures and videos may show some upgrades not included in base price.)


Other Options for the Westberry:

Carolina Country Homes, Lancaster, SC
Carolina Country Homes, Lancaster, SC